Business Valuation

Many business owners are relying on their business to provide some type of financial windfall in the future, often to fund their retirement. When your business is your largest and most critical investment, it’s critical that you understand and manage its market value.

Overestimating the MARKET VALUE of your company can be a major detriment to your financial future. Thornwood Financial works with owners of small businesses to help them know the value of their company, understand what is driving it and implement strategies to maximize it before it is time to cash out.


The best time to sell your business isn’t always when you’re ready. Like a stock, business values can go up or down with certain trends in the economy and industry they are in. Staying on top of the current value of their company allows owners to intelligently entertain offers to buy and be in a position to capitalize on an optimum or over-valued situation.


Thornwood Financial can provide a market valuation in typically 2 weeks. The initial consultation is free, click below to schedule.

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