Debt Management

Debt is a necessary evil when running and building a business. Managing this debt properly requires a suitable strategy.

Thornwood Financial helps business owners understand the long-term affects of their debt and develop strategies to help eliminate it as quickly as possible, sometimes even before current loan terms expire.

When the elimination of debt is not a major concern, we develop strategies to help business owners use debt as a tax mitigation, asset preservation and retirement tool.

The strategies can be complex, the best way to illustrate it is through a case study. Click below for an actual case study that reduced a $1,900,000 debt from a 28-year payoff schedule to a 15-year schedule. This strategy saved the business owner $289,000 in interest and provided a surplus of $232,000 in funds for retirement.

  1. Case study is for illustration purposes only, does not indicated suitability for any particular investor, and should not constitute direct investment or tax advice. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.
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