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Financial Planning

Don’t work yourself to death.


Life is too short to spend worrying over numbers. You should be free to pursue a life you love, not risk being trapped in one you regret.


Preserve Wealth

Transform your hard-earned dollars into investments that seek to help you achieve your financial goals


Stop wasting time on money management or DIY investing and get back to what you do best.

Optimize Money

Get a team of seasoned planners and strategists to help find tax, debt, and investment solutions.

We care about your finances because we care about you.

Money is just a tool to help get you where you want to go

Fee-Based Planning

As fiduciaries, your financial goals are our highest priority, always. We succeed when your succeed.


Hand-Picked Portfolios

We use analysis and strategy to create your portfolio, keeping a close on eye your assets and taking quick action to capitalize on opportunity and manage risk.


The Buck Stops Here

We personally care about your wealth management: We lose sleep so you don’t have to.


More Than Stocks & Mutual Funds

We use a multi-faceted approach to diversify across asset classes, and we compartmentalize risk with the goal of long-term succe

Manage Your Finances

Step 1: Schedule a conversation.

Tell us about your financial goals and your vision for the future.

Step 2: Create an action plan

Decide how much of your finances you want us to manage, and we’ll take it from there.

Step 3: Start Living Today

We’ll help plan for tomorrow.

At Thornwood Financial, we want to help you use finances as a tool to achieve the life—and future—you want.

We design financial strategies based on where you are and where you want to go, working tirelessly to gain your trust along the way. Our seasoned advisors are resourceful and intentional: Years of experience have taught us how to be strategic with your hard-earned dollars while managing any undue risk. Whether you have a significant amount of assets or are just starting out, Thornwood Financial is here to help you work toward your fullest life.


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